How to Be a Smart Traveler

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In the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, Vesper Lynn informs Bond that, “there are dinner jackets and dinner.” The same can be applied to travelers, there are travelers who are unorganized and unprepared, and there is the seasoned traveler who makes sure that every part of the trip is stress free and memorable.

Smart Traveler

Smart Traveler

Pack Smart

Packing is a fine art, yet most people treat it like a Jackson Pollock painting and fling everything in at random. The first step to being a top traveler is to start packing early. One day before is fine, but if you start earlier you will be more organized and less likely to forget something. Life Hack suggests the most efficient way to not leave anything behind is to create a checklist. This also has the benefit of helping you to not over pack. For some reason, inexperienced travelers never consider that they will want to bring things home from the trip.

Airport Smart

The inexperienced traveler sees airports as purely a gateway to getting on a plane, yet airports have many services on offer to make your journey more enjoyable and efficient. Parking4Less recommends checking the parking options at the airport to make arriving less stressful. Airports such as Gatwick offer summer special car park deals to make sure passengers aren’t wasting their time looking for a parking space. The smart traveler is also prepared when they enter the airport having already checked-in online and with their laptop in an easily accessible compartment of their carry-on luggage.

smart traveler

Sleep Smart

Every traveler loves the idea of touching down in their destination with only their bag and sense of adventure. This is an exciting way to travel, but if you do plan to travel this way, Mashable recommends not making the rookie mistake of forgetting to book a hotel on the first night. There is nothing worse than running around an unknown city trying to find a place to stay after a long flight. Having that first night ready will give you a base to start from and good night sleep. If you are more of a business traveler then Forbes suggests you join a loyalty program and get access to tons of benefits such as free internet.

Being a smart traveler is about having the correct mindset. Whether you are backpacking or on business, being prepared and traveling smart will make your trip more enjoyable. The only thing you want to worry about is which place to visit first.

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One comment on “How to Be a Smart Traveler
  1. Travelling smart is quite important, especially the packing part… I often make the mistake of carrying more than required.. Engaging post…

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