Plan a trip to Switzerland on your own

It was that time of the year when I normally plan for a¬†trip and decide on a place. I love Australia and it’s my dream to visit it one day. So I started checking different sites to get information regarding Australia but the flight rates itself were more than a lakh!! (phew ūüôĀ !!) which was much more than my budget.¬†So I started considering other options and zeroed upon Switzerland. The next task which I did was check with number of different available travel ¬†operators. But everywhere the minimum estimate was 1.5 lakh for a week with hardly 1 or 2 places being covered.

Finally me and my wife decided to plan the entire trip on our own. Though there are multiple sites but it was kinda¬†difficult to decide which places to cover in Switzerland in a week because accordingly we had to book the tickets to travel from India. So finally we came up with the following plan wherein it was a week’s trip with the breakup as:

  • Bangalore (starting point)¬†‚áí Mumbai¬†‚áí Zurich
  • Day 1: Zurich¬†‚áí Interlaken¬†(click¬†here¬†to see the post)
  • Day 2:¬†Interlaken¬†‚áí Jungfraujoch¬†‚áí Interlaken (click here¬†to see the post)
  • Day 3: Interlaken¬†‚áí Engelberg¬†‚áí Mt.Titlis¬†‚áí Luzern¬†‚áí Interlaken (via Golden Panaromic View Train) (click to see the post for Mt.Titlis here¬†and for Luzern here)¬†
  • Day 4: Interlaken¬†‚áí St.Moritz (via Glacier Express train.. click to view the post here)
  • Day 5: St.Moritz¬†‚áí Zurich (later we covered Chur as well ūüôā to view the post here)
  • Day 6: Zurich¬†‚áí RheinFall¬†‚áí Zurich [click to view the post here]¬†(later we covered Kilchberg; home to the corporate headquarters¬†of the confectioner Lindt & Spr√ľngli)¬†
  • Day 7: Back to India

Once the plan was chalked out, we got the following things done:

  1. Booked the flight tickets: For this again there was confusion. But finally through MakeMyTrip  got a really good deal for Bangalore ⇒ Mumbai ⇒ Zurich ⇒ Mumbai ⇒ Bangalore via Swiss Air and the total ticket cost came up to 79,000 Rs approximately for 2 people.
  2. Swiss Rail Passes: This popular Rail Pass for Switzerland gives you unlimited access on the network of Swiss Travel System (train, bus and boat). We took the 8 day pass (there are multiple options available. You can check it out at Swiss Pass. 
  3. Glacier Express Tickets: The Glacier Express is the most famous railway in the world. It travels from Zermatt to St. Moritz in around seven hours. It is a day trip through untouched mountain landscapes, deep gorges, delightful valleys, 91 tunnels and across 291 impressive bridges. You can book the tickets via Glacier Express website. We also booked for the meal in the train. NOTE: We did one mistake! Due to lack of information which you can avoid РWe booked a return journey as well in Glacier Express that is ticket for St. Moritz to Zurich. But St.Moritz is well connected to other places. So just book a one way ticket till St.Moritz and while returning back anyways you have the swiss rail pass, thus you can save some money.
  4. Insurance: Got this done from TATA AIG.
  5. Visa: Got the Swiss visa done via
  6. Paragliding: We decided to do paragliding on our first day and booked it via AlpinRaft
  7. Hotel Reservations:   Interlaken: Hotel Bellevue  ; St. Moritz: Hotel Bellaval  ; Zurich: Hotel Ibis

We went in the month of October. The weather is a little unpredictable at this time (anything between 7 to 25 degree Celsius). It suddenly rains, but mostly it is quite sunny in the afternoon and quite cold early morning and in the evenings. So accordingly we should carry the clothing like a jacket and a pullover which should be more than enough. Also its better to carry a nice pair of shoes which is anti slippery.

Since food is a little costlier in these places so we also took the following items along with us:

  • MTR ready to eat items
  • Cup noodles
  • Khakra (it is really handy¬†especially while travelling in train, easy to munch along with a cup of coffee + it is healthy as well ūüôā )
  • Also kept biscuits and mixture packet for emergency

Last but not least, we also took some basic medicines like for cold, headache, stomach problems.

Switzerland is indeed a romantic place as you will surely fall in love with this place ūüôā¬†Check out the other posts as to how my each day was in Switzerland and I am sure you would love to travel to this place.

One of the many pics which we took in Switzerland

One of the many pics which we took in Switzerland

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8 comments on “Plan a trip to Switzerland on your own
  1. Lata says:

    Apart from the flight tickets and visa ,what was your approx expenditure.Also if we take the rail pass do we still have to buy the ticket for the golden panoramic express ?

    • Arun says:

      Approximately, including the expenditure, the total cost came up to 1.5 lakhs.
      For glacier express, we had to buy separate tickets, but others were covered in the rail pass.

  2. I would love to visit soon; so thanks for sharing these useful details.

  3. Ashwini says:

    From your tour itinerary its clear that you were staying in Interlaken for 3 nights..but I am not able to understand where was the base after that? Which hotel you booked later? PLease let us know.

    • Arun says:

      On my fourth day, spent the night at St.Moritz and for the remaining days of the trip my base was at Zurich. Hope you find this useful. Let me know if you have any further queries.

  4. Malini says:

    Good, its informative….keep posting ūüôā

  5. Piyush says:

    Sounds great, very informative too. Would love to check out the Glacier Express ūüôā

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