Hiking in the mountains of Nikko, Japan

Guest Post by Jacob Laukaitis 

Nikko is located a few hundred kilometers north of Tokyo. It’s a town next to a national park that’s also called Nikko National Park. The national park is settled on a range of mountains, some of which reach higher than 2,000 m above sea level. The entrance to the national park is free, but some of the most famous temples and shrines do require you to pay entrance fee. There are many visitor centers where they will assist you on any questions you might have. As everywhere in Japan, they’re incredibly hospitable and helpful.

Kanmangafuchi's stone Jizo statues

Kanmangafuchi’s stone Jizo statues

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As most really nice places in Japan, the park is quite crowded especially during the season. The logistics of the park are really nice – there are walkways for people to enjoy the wonderful Nikko trekking trails and they’re extremely beautiful and clean.

Nikko Botanical Garden

Nikko Botanical Garden

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Shinkyo Bridge

Shinkyo Bridge

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The cultural significance of the historic buildings is major. Apparently Nikko has the most lavishly decorated shrine in all of Japan and the mausoleum of the Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Toshogu Shrine

Toshogu Shrine is the final resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu

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Three of the Toshogu's most famous carvings

Three of the Toshogu’s most famous carvings

Image: Source 

When I visit sacred places I try to learn about the rituals and practices involved there. I remember when I started traveling around Asia 3 years ago, I would go to dozens of temples and sacred places and I’d learn everything I could about them. However, now I feel like I’ve seen so many temples that it doesn’t look so interesting to learn more about each one’s history or sacred rituals involved. 

My trip to Nikko lasted 3 days. I chose to stay at a hostel. It is actually a funny story, since I could only get a bed at my hostel for 2 days and the last day there were literally no hotel rooms available in the town and in the surrounding area (because it was a national holiday in Japan). So I ended up taking the train for 50 kilometers to a bigger city, slept there and woke up at 5 am the next morning to continue my daily treks.

I visited Nikko in November. The weather was getting colder day by day as the winter was approaching, but it was still decent during the day time and especially after trekking. At times it was rather hot!

For more details about Nikko, you can visit: Japan Guide

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30 comments on “Hiking in the mountains of Nikko, Japan
  1. Sushmita says:

    Beautiful Pictures and Amazing video!
    Good work 🙂

  2. Thank you for a peek into a beautiful part of Japan!

  3. Neha 14wow says:

    wow…what an amazing post…all the clicks are just FAB…!!


  4. Hemangini says:

    My many thanks to Jacob and Arun for featuring him… The video was amazing and 103 historical sites? just how awesome can a place be. Amazing, amazing, amazing!

  5. dNambiar says:

    I’ve found Japanese gardens/ landscaping to have a very calming effect on people. Nikko also seems to be that way. 🙂
    Love those stone statues!!

  6. vishvarsha says:

    This is the second time I am reading your post just cause I loved it so much.
    Been in love with Japan for quite sometime and your posts are just making me go crazy right now!
    Huh, when will I visit…

  7. Ami Bhat says:

    Your posts on japan are really killing me….wish I could head there soon.

  8. Japan seems such a beautiful place

  9. Indrani says:

    Great eye opener for me for Japan.
    Hope I make a visit some day.

  10. Archie says:

    the video is amazing Arun, esp cause of the Zen music… loved all the pictures… the statues, shrine, bridge, gardens and the account… well presented my friend… I wonder when Desh and I will be able to make our Japan trip…
    there’s so much to see and so little time!!! Sigh… 🙂

  11. Yogi saraswat says:

    what a beautiful journey ! Kanmangafuchi’s stone Jizo statues are amazing.

  12. Sri Kri says:

    Lovely Nikko Botanical Garden.
    Sriram & Krithiga

  13. Arun says:

    Looks like a beautiful place.

  14. Rangelz says:

    The shrine looks amazing and the bridge too 🙂

  15. Nice post Arun! The pictures you included are really amazing, Specially Nikko Botanical Garden and Carvings are the two I liked the most.

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