How to Be a Smart Traveler

Guest Post 

In the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, Vesper Lynn informs Bond that, “there are dinner jackets and dinner.” The same can be applied to travelers, there are travelers who are unorganized and unprepared, and there is the seasoned traveler who makes sure that every part of the trip is stress free and memorable.

Smart Traveler

Smart Traveler

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Spend two weeks in Dubai

Guest Post by Neha 

Dubai is usually considered as a stopover destination or a place which is opted for short holidays. Dubai by far has surpassed its neighboring emirates as well as many famous cities when it comes to providing quality holidays with unmatched recreations and attractions. The city’s ardor and desire to challenge its ability to become better than before has helped Dubai turn into a world class all round destination for all genre of travelers. With eccentric attractions on a mega scale along with some best quality luxury hotels and islands with recreational activities that speaks lavishness, Dubai surely offer its visitors an unique experience.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari

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My Dream Euro Trip

I enjoy admiring nature, architecture and history, and one of the best ways to do that, is to travel. And if that involves traveling to Europe, its an added advantage. Europe, a dream destination for many, is a complete package catering to everyone’s needs and taste. The first time I went to Europe, Germany to be precise, was for business and it was instant love. I was intrigued, attracted and wanted to explore Europe as much as possible. Later after few years, when I was able to save money, I made a trip to Switzerland and then later to France and Belgium. But still there is so much more to explore, that I ended up making a dream itinerary of the places which I would want to travel in Europe.

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Few Benefits of Owning a Travel Insurance Policy

Hectic schedule often calls for taking a break from the regular routine of everyday life. Break from work, break from daily chores, etc., and one of the best way to take a break from everything is to unwind and travel. When one travels to unwind, relax and enjoy; travelers want everything to go well and that is when having a good travel insurance policy helps.

Travel Insurance

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Palais Garnier – Opera House, Paris

If you would want to witness some brilliant architecture combined with luxury along with an opera or ballet performance, then Palais Garnier in Paris is the place where you should be! Built in 19th century, the opera house’s majestic grandeur and the various paintings including that of Chagall in the main auditorium will keep you spell bound. On the day of my visit to Palais Garnier, a ballet performance was held and I was more than happy to opt for the show instead of just having a tour of the Opera House.

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